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Meet Sarah

Evidence-Based Intervention

Rebel Speech Therapy is a Cork City based Speech and Language Therapy Service run by Sarah McCarthy, a Senior Speech and Language Therapist with over 11 years years’ experience.

I provide therapy in your home – no travelling to a clinic! 

I provide evidence-based intervention and I am a CORU registered therapist. 

Did you know you can claim back your child’s therapy session against their private health insurance? 

I Travel to You!

Home Based Therapy

I will travel to your home and provide therapy to your child in their familiar, comfortable home setting. There are multiple benefits to this set up for both the therapist and the family. 

As a therapist, seeing a child in their home environment really helps me see how the family functions day to day, what toys and interests your child has as well as supporting us identify real life functional communication goals. 

For the child, a therapist coming to their own home is much less scary, reducing anxiety, increasing confidence and allowing more communication gains to be made. For families, it often allows therapy to slot into the week easier, meaning no rushing and racing in the car to appointments! 

I include the cost of travel to homes in Cork City and suburbs in my basic fees; any additional travel (outside 10km of my base) will incur an extra charge to cover costs. 

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More About Me

I have worked in the public sector as a Speech and Language Therapist since 2011 and gathered a vast range of experience working with clients of all different communication profiles. I have a passion for helping children to reach their full communication potential. My goal is to provide therapy that is individual to each child and family. Please get in touch to make an appointment and help your child maximise their communication skills. 

Little Showcase

A short video on how we do things around

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